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Deluxe Single Bed Mixed Dorm (with a balcony)

Production Information
In Deluxe rooms, balcony is provided for travelers to chat and enjoy the passion of the night in Ximending with one another. (No smoking)

There are 2 Deluxe rooms in the hostel.

Each room has 10 single beds in the form of bunk bed, wooden bedsteads, stable stairs to insure each traveler’s convenience and safety.

Fixed price $1100 / Weekends $780 / Weekdays $640

Room Equipment  Balcony
 Clothes line 
 Super comfort bed
*  Bigger personal spaces
 Electronic-sensing door lock and lockers
 A wet and dry separation bathroom (without bathtub)
 Hair dryer
 Air conditioner
 Free WiFi
 Shampoo and shower gel
 Personal card for the power source
*  Personal reading lamp
Price for the relating date Weekdays : Sunday to Thursday
Weekends : Friday, Saturday, National Holidays
Fixed price : New Year’s Eve, Lunar New Year period
Notice 1. The price showing online is already the discount price.
2. Food and drinks are prohibited in the room
3. Pets are prohibited (Guide dogs are excluded)
4. According to the law, smoking, gambling, and drugs are prohibited in the hostel.